2023-05-12: Camp Rainey Mountain

We recently traveled to Camp Rainey Mountain for the first time. Willow, our new SPL, took on the task of cooking, starting Saturday with pancakes. We then headed to the waterfall and wandered around for a while. We returned to camp for lunch, walking tacos, and walked to the HQ. Once we had reached the HQ, it started raining pretty quickly. We were all conveniently under the pavilion, and the scouts moved inside to play checkers and a few very anxious games of Jenga. Once the rain had subsided, we went back to camp and ate silver turtles with lemon cake before moving to the amphitheater. When we had returned to our adirondacks and gone to sleep, we quickly awoke to the rukus of a skunk that had entered the scoutmaster’s cabin! Overall, a pretty great weekend!
Troop Historian