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2023 Nat’l BSA Conv

Today, we went to a very important flag ceremony for the 2023 BSA National Convention. They woke up at 4:45am and headed down to Atlanta. Practice for the the ceremony was started promptly at 5:45. Donning their full uniforms, they left and presented as color guard for a room packed with visiting scouters from around the country! We are very proud of our scouts. Thank you for everyone who attended!
Zoey A.
Troop Historian

Full Photo Album Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ToywbC4KdnvfM3zA9


Outings & Activities

2023-05-12: Camp Rainey Mountain

We recently traveled to Camp Rainey Mountain for the first time. Willow, our new SPL, took on the task of cooking, starting Saturday with pancakes. We then headed to the waterfall and wandered around for a while. We returned to camp for lunch, walking tacos, and walked to the HQ. Once we had reached the HQ, it started raining pretty quickly. We were all conveniently under the pavilion, and the scouts moved inside to play checkers and a few very anxious games of Jenga. Once the rain had subsided, we went back to camp and ate silver turtles with lemon cake before moving to the amphitheater. When we had returned to our adirondacks and gone to sleep, we quickly awoke to the rukus of a skunk that had entered the scoutmaster’s cabin! Overall, a pretty great weekend!
Troop Historian
Scout Picture Day

2023: Scout Picture Day

In addition to our Court of Honor & change of leadership last week, we also held our first annual scout picture day. It’s so exciting to see these new traditions starting! Check out a couple highlights below and the full album link will be sent out soon.
We know some scouts were not able to make it last week and will try to coordinate a makeup day in the coming weeks.
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Court of Honor

2023-04-27: Court of Honor

It’s crazy to realize that it has already been 6 months since our troop was founded and that we’ve already doubled in size! To recognize everyone’s hard work and dedication, we held our very first Court of Honor last week! Thank you to everyone who came, especially our Unit Commissioner, Mike Lotz, to help congratulate our scouts on all the new ranks & merit badges they have earned over the last few months. Special thanks to our Advancement Coordinator, Julie Vila, on helping get everything in place to help our Court of Honor go off without a hitch. We know several of you were not able to attend due to prior commitments, please be sure to pick up your patches & pins from your Advancement the next chance you get.
Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/EtYeAkpiuSBzJPWXA
Outings & Activities

2023-04-23: Camp Westin

We headed up to Camp Westin this weekend, a new location for us. With nearing the end of the school year, the group this weekend was smaller, and we had just a little bit of rain overnight on Friday, but everyone stayed safe & dry and by Saturday morning is was clear it was going to shape up to be a fantastic weekend! Haile stepped up to be our acting SPL for the weekend, and did fantastic job! The day was free flowing, with the scouts exploring the camp, working on rank advancements, and making new friends, especially Troop 306 & Troop 703. In the afternoon, everyone worked together rebuilding a picnic table, replacing missing bolts & broken boards so that it will be solid & sturdy for years to come. Overall, it was another pretty great weekend! Check out some highlights below or follow the link to see the full photo album.

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/gBqAJrcpVeDQXhBU9



Geo Caching MB Wrap Up

At last week’s troop meeting, we finished up our work on the Geo Caching Merit Badge we started a few weeks ago. Everyone practiced orienting a compass to a map, we split into teams so each so each group could hide some temporary caches for the other team to find, and most fun of all, we installed a permanent public Geo Cache Unity North Atlanta! The cache has been registered on GeoCaching.com and should hopefully be visible soon. Do you have scouts working on the Geo Caching MB who need to find a public cache? Stop by ours and be the first in our logbook!

Outings & Activities

Unity Landscaping Day

Thanks everyone who was able to come help at Unity today. We got a lot of weeds pulled, mulch spread, and the playground area looks great and ready for Spring & Summer! Don’t forget to record your service hours in your Scout Book and have a leader sign off on them, a list of attendees has been sent to Advancement for recording online.
Outings & Activities

2023-03-21: Weekend at Woodruff

Things weren’t looking too promising when we left on Friday. It was raining, the forecast was calling for bitterly cold temps, but that didn’t deter us! We headed up to @woodruffscoutcamp for a weekend of fun and by the time we arrived, it the rain had already cleared. The scouts got camp setup and we all gathered around a nice warm campfire. Saturday more was as cold as they predicted, but the sun was soon shining and we got spent the morning working on the Geo Caching Merit Badge before splitting into groups to go track down some caches! After a late lunch, with the Geo Caching MB nearly complete, we switched over to the the Eagle Required Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge to help kick start anyone looking to wanted get that one knocked out too. It ended up being a wonderful & relaxing weekend, with lots of time spent around chatting around the all day fire. Excited to see where we end up next!

Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/vDeTkVooY4gfjmcr7


2023-03: Adopt-A-Mile

We had our first Keep Cobb Beautiful Adopt A Mile of the year yesterday, the sun may have been shining, but the blowing wind made this a chilly one. Still, thanks to everyone who came out to help, we were able to get 7+ bags of trash off the streets and properly disposed. Adopt A Miles are always a lot of fun and a great way to give back to the community.


Pack 1714 Crossover

We’ve got a new face! Thank you Pack 1714 for inviting us to take part in your Crossover Ceremony where Arrow of Light Scouts transition from Cub Packs to Scout Troops. We were able to welcome our first crossover to our troop and are looking forward to many more to come! Thank you Lili for allowing us to be part of your scouting journey.

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/dfe7yQ5GeoHUSiKq7